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Septic System Diagram

septic-diagram2State Recommends to have your Septic Tank cleaned every 3 years maximum. Depending on your laterals that flow from the exit, you might have to replace them sooner than you think. What happens; home owners philosophy; if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Unfortunately that’s not true with septic systems. It’s called preventive maintenance.

Example: Human Waste is like making a bowl of pudding, I didn’t say Chocolate Pudding!!! When you first put all your ingredients into the bowl it’s very runny. As you stir the ingredients and let the bowl set over time what happens? Correct; your pudding becomes thick and not so easy to pour. This is what happens to the exit line or other wise known as the Lateral Fields, they become clogged and then plugged. Clean your tank often and your lateral lines should last forever.

  • Q: Should you use some type of enzyme treatment? Answer: Yes
  • Q: What do I recommend? Answer: Rid X , one cup flushed monthly.
  • Q: What does it cost to have my tank pumped? Answer: a fraction to the cost of replacing your septic system to state code. Go to the last page for prices.
  • Q: What kind of clean out should I install? Answer: your local plumber should install three clean outs. one before the tank, one in the tank at least 6 inch pipe or have your lid exposed, and one after your tank on the lateral side.
  • Q: Why do I need a clean out on the lateral side? Answer: Home owners and tenants can not control who and what gets flushed. Some women flush tampons, children flush toys, then what happens, they float and get caught in the exit to the lateral line which stops the whole septic system and backs up in the house. Now, your plumber or Dougie’s Septic & Tank Service will be able to fix the problem without digging up your yard, creating more expense to you.
  • Q: I’m thinking about buying a rural home with a septic system. The previous owners or the realestate person told me the septic system is okay. What would you do? Answer: I would have your local plumber or Dougie’s Septic & Tank Service check it out, I would request that they have it pumped out before closing.
Dougies Septic