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toplid01State recommends to have your Septic Tank cleaned every 3 years maximum. Depending on your laterals that flow from the exit, you might have to replace them sooner than you think. What happens; homeowners philosophy; if it is not broken, do not fix it! Unfortunately, that is not true with septic systems. It is called preventive maintenance.

Using Dougie’s Septic Kleen is a unique formula that consists of synergized bacteria, micro-nutrients, macro-nutrients, probiotics, nutrient catalyst, stabilized enzymes and created specifically to consume septic tank waste.  Septi Kleen’s exclusive cultures will reproduce every 20 minutes digesting organics, and are resilient to soaps, detergents, chemicals and antibiotics.  Septi Kleen is the most enhanced product on the market, created with the most advanced enzymes and bacteria available.  So easy to use: Deposit 1-2oz pack into your toilet and flush immediately.  Repeat this step once a month to guarantee septic health.  Not like most products: Dougie’s Septic-Kleen contains(1) container with 12 soluble bags with a easy monthly reminder calendar.


Exopenlid02ample: Human Waste is like making a bowl of pudding, I didn’t say Chocolate Pudding!!  When you first put all your ingredients into the bow

l, it is very runny.  As you stir the ingredients and let the bowl set over time what happens?  Correct; your pudding becomes thick and not so easy to pour.  This is what happens to the exit line or otherwise known as the Lateral Fields; they become clogged and then plugged.  Clean your tank (3) years and faithfully flush a 2-oz pack of Dougie’s Septic Kleen monthly will ensure your lateral lines should last forever.

Treats up to 1,500 gallon septic tank. * Once a month treatment * Digests Paper * Safe for pipes and the environment * Pre-measured Packs * No Harmful dust or fumes

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